Video suggestions: pfblockerng devel 3.0 setup

Would be great to see a guide/setup on pfblockerng devel 3.0.x.x

I have watched the video Tom did on pfblockerng 2.2.5 devel, and i would appreciate one like that in the new version 3.0

Thanks for the great YouTube videos you do :wink:

I think there is a code base difference but not an interface difference. But it also has been a while since the video and Maxmind part is now different because you have to register to get the free code.

Sort of on this topic… Does pfblocker block incoming connections from regions of the world, or just out going? I had it set up for a little while back in the Spring and it wasn’t doing what I thought it should, so before I get back to it I thought I should ask. I’m fairly certain I had some configuration mistakes before.

My goal is to try and block traffic coming in from countries not the USA, there is very little I need outside of this limit and it might (hopefully) help to remove some of the constant attacks and port scans I’m seeing.

Yes, it can block inbound and outbound based on what country that IP is listed in. Also, the country IP lists are not always accurate.

Thanks, I need to do more digging into why it wasn’t working for me. Need to wait until classes or officially done and the faculty go home before I start messing with it.