Video Suggestion: Zabbix Update

I just built a new XCP-NG host to be the heart of my home lab replacing the old ESXi build I’ve been running for awhile. One of the things I’m running on the old ESXi box is librenms to monitor my network, however seeing that I’m mostly building things from scratch on the new host I figured I’d take a look and see if I should keep with librenms or if i should explore something else. I found the Zabbix video however it’s from back in 2018. Wonder if maybe there are plans to do an update after a year or so running?

I enjoy the channel - keep up the great content.


Yeah, it has been on my to do list, but Zabbix is such a big product that it takes a lot of time to dive into a video about it. The new version should be out soon and once it arrived I might do a new video about it. My old video on the topic is still relevant.

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Have been running Zabbix on my network, mainly to see if my network has issues via a TV and a Raspberry PI.

One thing that would be cool is to have Zabbix complete a broadband speedtest and chart the result :wink:

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