Video Suggestion: WatchGuard Firebox

Checkout a WatchGuard Firebox versus Netgate or other vendors. Cloud wifi, tdr, dns go are cool too.

I’m not answering for Tom here, but if you watch enough of his live streams you’ll learn these two things:

  1. Tom has used WatchGuard (because some customers paid them to help with an existing appliance) back when the WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) was the only way to manage them - before there was a local UI for the systems. Also back then, WatchGuard made it difficult for anyone other than the registered owner and verified resellers/integrators to get that software.
  2. Tom doesn’t review products he hasn’t put time into and preferably uses for their business. His most frequent response is “I don’t have a use case for that”.

For #1, WatchGuard has improved on both fronts - they no longer make it difficult to get WSM, and the FireBox has a local web interface with almost full control. In my professional use of them, the only time I had to use WSM was to set up an HA cluster but just for the setup, the web UI has the same status visibility of the cluster as WSM. I preferred using the web UI for all tasks, and so did the rest of my coworkers. So far it is still my favorite enterprise-scale firewall system (when you need full subscription based security because of customer requirements). Untangle is good too, but I don’t like that it has everything separated into the applications, the reporting of them isn’t fully integrated.
For #2, I can’t disagree with Tom at all.

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Yup, everything @brwainer said about me not reviewing things that I don’t put the time into to learn about.