Video Suggestion: TrueNAS Scale vs. Proxmox & TrueNAS Core

@LTS_Tom I just came off 36 hours of poking at the TrueNAS Scale Angelfish alpha. I recommend you consider doing a deep dive on TrueNAS Scale.

The bugs and missing features are legion, especially around networking, This alpha is madeningly frustrating. Yet the release cycle is far enough along that the concept is clear: ixSystems is building the first hyperconverged Open Source stack that integrates storage, VMs, containers, all under one flashy GUI.

Not only will TrueNAS Scale replace TrueNAS Core in its entirety. TrueNAS Scale will leave no room to breath for third-party hypervisors to exist in an Open Source storage stack. The common Proxmox + TrueNAS part of the stack is going to get replaced by a TrueNAS-only substack.

Definiitely worth an episode.

– Lucky