Video Suggestion: truenas core 13 jellyfin install

Hey Tom! fantastic work on all your youtube videos! i’ve learned a TON!

Someone on github managed to make a community jellyfin plugin for TN core 13.

i installed i on my truenas core 13 box and t seems to install properly. i’m having problems adding library folders, but being i’m so novice, it might be my fault… (i just don’t see how considering when i went followed your plex install, plex worked).

Maybe give it a shot and see what you think? i know there are a LOT of folks out there that want nothing to do with plex/emby and would LOVE jellyfin but kinda stay away because the freebsd support is iffy.

PLUS, i’m sure if more people took interest in it, the folks who wrote jellyfin would take the ground work already laid out by the guy from github and focus on making it officially work on freebsd and therefor truenas core. probably wishful thinking but ya never know…

thanks for all you’re work and sharing your knowledge and talents with the rest of us!


Thanks for the suggestion but I am not really wanting to spend any time doing more content for the TrueNAS core iocase system as support is really not getting much better for it. Everything is moving towards scale.

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re: everything is moving towrds scale.

what a crime… in your opinion what is the future of freebsd at xisystems? what about freebsd in general? God forbid pfsense ever went away…

while i understand a move towards scale due to application support, you just can’t shake a stick at freebsd for it’s robustness.

TrueNAS core and applications running on it like plex, jellyfin, dns blocker, zabbix and so on aren’t really that easy to maintain and deploy even though its possible to get these applications running on TrueNAS core, it wasn’t really meant for that. Core is used for a file server or a ISCSi backend first and only. SCALE is the proper fit for those who want to run all these applications on their NAS appliance. Debian linux has WAY more support for these applications like jellyfin and combined with docker and k8’s, it was built to run applications.

looks like i might end up going that way…
it’s not that i dont wanna use scale, it’s that i’m very new to this and i want to learn it, and what better way to learn something than to figure it out by breaking it a bunch of times…

despite jellyfin being part of the community plugins, it just wasn’t working… someone said they were able to get it going and said it was a problem with my permissions, so i tried again from scratch… still nothing… so just to verify that my theory was correct i uninstalled jellyfin and installed plex server… fired off without a hitch… so i know my permissions are correct.

I ran plex for a long time on core before SCALE was released. I had to build the jail myself because the community plugin or the official plugin updates would go wrong and my experience it was still pretty unstable. SCALE uses docker and k8s so you know that updates will be a whole lot smoother and reliable. I already knew a little bit about docker and kubernetes so it wasn’t too bad to understand what is going on. To be fair they have made it really easy to deploy apps with little knowledge.

i’ve been using the plex plugin for core and it’s been fine so far… kind’ve tough to set up, but i suppose that’s coming from a windows environment and i’m still trying to learn how things are done, not only in the unix environment but also the virtual environments…

i’ve been thinking i’d go a different route… setup a server with proxmox ve (or esxi), a truenas core vm to manage all file storage, and a couple of linux vms that i can remote into: 1 to manage my nzbget downloads and another to render videos in handbrake, and a third setup as a plex server… seems like a lot but i like to build my systems to be as modular as possible… we’ll see… gets expensive after a while.

Due to lack of support for the iocage jails in TrueNAS core I am not likely to do any videos on that topic.