Video Suggestion: TrueNAS configuration for XCP-ng

Could you do a simple TrueNAS video on creating shares and permissions for a XCP-ng server? There are pieces of all of this information in your other videos, but I’m getting lost in the details somewhere, and I’d love to see it in a concise video.

  • Create a share for the storage of VMs
  • Create a share for the storage of VM backups
  • Create a share for ISOs

Assigning the proper permissions for a limited user account that is just for the xcp-ng server (i.e. not a root/access everything account)

Setting these up in XO. (or any variant of the xcp-ng adminstration – doesn’t matter to me)


Tom has already done a video

You can use smb or nfs shares

another video

TrueNAS NFS Setup For XCP-ng and Linux (

Since I am doing new XCP-ng & TrueNAS videos I also plan to make new videos on that topic as well. I will probably throw Synology in there as well.

The specific issues I’m having is creating and connecting to NFS shares. I keep getting failures, so I’m guessing it’s not mapping back to a valid user or group. I thought I had it configured, but it’s obviously easy to overlook a setting there. Most of the NFS tutorial videos are from 5 years ago with FreeNAS. The screens and general approach appear to be much different than how you’ve approached later videos, so doing a video is very much appreciated.