Video Suggestion: Syslog

Thanks for spending time to share all the things you have. I found your channel when setting up FreeNAS for my small business. When my needs grew I bought a PfSense router knowing I’d learnt enough from watching your videos it would fit my needs and I could manage it.

When things go wrong I know that having logs to search for error messages is useful in finding a solution. I’ve often seen configuration options like the PfSense “Send log messages to remote syslog server” and as I start to research and learn what a syslog server is one of my first steps was to see if you’ve already covered it. I haven’t found it mentioned, so my content suggestion: Syslog: What is it, at what point in a network does it become useful, and assuming it is useful, how to install and use.


It has been on my to do list but it would be a more extensive video about why and what to use for centralized logging. Still a good idea, just not sure about the when.

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