Video Suggestion - Solarwinds RMM - Patch Management

I would like to see an in depth review of how LTS uses Solarwinds RMM patch management features for both Windows updates and 3rd party software updates. I’m interested in this product but have read online that the patch management is the weakest link in the Solarwinds RMM solution. If not a full review then maybe a discussion of your thoughts on the solution. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and I haven’t seen you talk about this part of Solarwind RMM. If I missed something please point me to the content. Thanks! Really appreciate the channel.


It has been a while since I did a video on the SolarWinds platform, I made this video back when it was MaxFocus. I will be doing an updated video soon as a lot has changed and a lot has improved.

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Thanks Tom! Looking forward to the new video.

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Dear Tom,
I am also interested in an updated video of SolarWinds RMM and how it can help us with managing clients.
If you could make a video/tutorial of the platform it would be great!
Thanks and have a nice day!