Video Suggestion: Setting up a Management VLAN

A video talking about management VLANs and how to set one up would be welcome. Your YouTube channel holds a treasure trove of knowledge, thank you.

Don’t think there is anything special about management vlans per se, simply decide on one and on devices that allow a management vlan to be used just enter the number.

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It’s a bit tricky getting everything onto the management vlan sometimes.

I know vlans and I still struggle sometimes with the unifi gear to remember exactly how to do it because it’s all so connected. It’s easy when you do it from a console cable because if you forget to tag your management vlan you can do it after the fact. If you forget on a unifi switch then it’s gone.

You might be right about that, on my netgear switches and TPLink AP, the units have to be fully configured before setting the management vlan otherwise you you can be locked out !

my main experience is with HP switches.
Console in, create vlan, add an IP to the vlan, tag a port, plug it in, change management vlan.

Anything you do via a management console seems to give me a headache. In theory by default management is on vlan 1 untagged on all ports on nearly all kit. Plug the new kit into a port that is untagged on your management vlan, adopt, add the vlans, make sure the management vlan is tagged on the port you are connecting through (on both switches), move the management vlan…

That’s when it often seems to go wrong for me.

While the motivation for my suggestion is entirely selfish, when I searched for a good YouTube video on this topic, nothing came up.

Include how to secure it with firewall rules. What services/devices would you include on a management vlan.

So do you think you want a “one big network to a split network with a management vlan” video or a “building a network from scratch including a management vlan”?