Video Suggestion: Security Camera install

I would like to see a video on how you design and implement a security camera solution for a customer. This could be Synology based, Unifi, or whatever you prefer.

Things I would like to see included:
Designing/Engineering a solution
Mounting cameras
Configuring NVR and cameras
Any firewall configuration for viewing cameras if using another solution other than Unifi.

I have covered this here Budget Friendly Surveillance IP Camera Setup: Synology, Reolink Cameras, and Netgear POE switches. - YouTube but getting permission from clients to show an install can be the harder part.

The Hook Up – on YouTube has a really extensive comparison on cameras and setup. Have a look at his channel. He really wants to have some type of AI and object detection so he tends to favor Blue Iris.

Thanks @LTS_Tom for linking the video. I completely understand the client permission part.