Video Suggestion: Renaming Pools in FreeNAS / TrueNAS

I was able to do this but thought a video on it would be good, especially if there were a better way.

Back story:

Like most people playing with FreeNAS I started with a bunch of parts and build a system to play with. I ended up using it to hold the video for my Kodi system. I had 4 drives in a stripe configuration and ran a VM with Ubuntu to run MySQL server for the Kodi System. I replaced the server with some better hardware and imported the striped pool and the backup config file. Everything went without a hitch. What a nice and forgiving system. Next I wanted to replace my striped pool with a raidz2 pool. I was able to replicate the data from the striped pool to the new pool with no issues. Now come the hard part. The database for Kodi has the shares listed and while I could recreate all the shares it would be easier to change the name of the pool in FreeNAS / TrueNAS. This is how I accomplished that, though I would like to know if there is a better way.

  1. First, I have two Pools. One called TempPool and the other called Volume1

  2. I replicated all the data sets from Volume1 to TempPool keeping the same names.

  3. Next I exported/disconnected Volume1 but unchecked the box that read “Delete configuration of shares that used this pool” to keep the original shares intact.

  4. I shut down the server and physically disconnected the drives for the original Volume1 Pool.

  5. With the drives removed, I restarted the server. The only visible pool to the system was TempPool.

  6. Next I Exported/disconnected the TempPool. I left the checkbox selected about deleting shares since there were none associated with this pool yet.

  7. Next I opened a shell to TrueNAS and issued the command ‘zpool import TempPool Volume1’

  8. I rebooted the Server

  9. After the reboot I went to Storage | Pools and clicked add. I selected to import an existing pool and clicked next. My pool was not encrypted so selected ‘No, continue with import’ and clicked next. Finally from the drop down I selected Volume1 from the available list of pools, clicked Next, then Import.

Now, all the original shares were left intact from the original pool. The data was copied to the new pool. The old pool removed from the system and the new pool renamed to the same name as the old pool. The original shares still work for me this way.

Now, is there an easier way to rename a pool? I realize I gave way more information than was needed but though some may find it useful.


Not really any easy way to do it or not one that I am aware of other than that long process.