Video Suggestion: pfSense Schedules


Due to kids being stuck at home due to COVID-19, how about a video on setting schedules in pfSense? I just set up a schedule to restrict my son’s Xbox time, as well as another one to only open the port for BackiFi a couple of hours a day (I used info from here). Thanks for your consideration.

Funny, we just talked about that on the latest episode of SMLR, it might happen.

I don’t have ankle biters but I understand they have come a long way since my time!

The set up in the link looks like way too much effort for ankle biters. Surely it would be much easier to create a vLan-child where all their devices connect to, you can easily isolate from the rest of the network, set a rule to block WAN access linked to the schedule.

Of course if they are budding pen testers, they will soon circumvent your best efforts.


I just listened to that part of SMLR. I liked the mention of Wi-Fi scheduling in UniFi; that works for many people’s needs. In my case, if I can hard-wire it, I do, and that’s how my son’s Xbox is connected. Here is a screenshot of that rule “in action”:

Here is a screenshot of my BackiFi rule, which shows it’s currently not active due to the current time: