Video Suggestion: Opencanary

Hi Tom,
Have you ever used Opencanary?

I know that Thinkst Canary are pretty heavily advertised on Tech Podcasts and their product seems good but the $5000 starting price is abit too much for some.

Any chance of a video about Opencanary and setting it up?

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I have considered doing a video on the open source version, might be fun to put it in a Digital Ocean droplet. It’s on my future videos to do list, but I don’t have any timeline for when.

I just want to second this. Originally, I had a couple of raspberry pi units with it that I placed in strategic points in the network. I’ve since migrated these to VM’s in XCP-ng. I have a VM for each vlan, as well as a couple of canary tokens for some key services. The tokens took the longest to set up, as we have a few databases that I wanted to set triggers for.