Video Suggestion: Opencanary

Hi Tom,
Have you ever used Opencanary?

I know that Thinkst Canary are pretty heavily advertised on Tech Podcasts and their product seems good but the $5000 starting price is abit too much for some.

Any chance of a video about Opencanary and setting it up?


I have considered doing a video on the open source version, might be fun to put it in a Digital Ocean droplet. It’s on my future videos to do list, but I don’t have any timeline for when.

I just want to second this. Originally, I had a couple of raspberry pi units with it that I placed in strategic points in the network. I’ve since migrated these to VM’s in XCP-ng. I have a VM for each vlan, as well as a couple of canary tokens for some key services. The tokens took the longest to set up, as we have a few databases that I wanted to set triggers for.

PM me when you get ready to play with this and I’ll share some of my experience with the challenges and pitfalls of setting it up. I promise I have relevant experience (and have 9 of these deployed at various sites I manage).

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Thanks, Haroon Meer (Thinkst Canary founder) and I have been talking and will be doing a video on the broader topic around this. I am also interested in your experiences with it as well.