Video Suggestion: Netgate Appliance Upgrades

Tom, I purchased a Netgate SG-1100 about a year ago and configured it with your video help and the help of my more tech knowledgeable brother. A year later, I decided to upgrade to the SG-3100. I received it today and I cannot get it to work. I created a Backup xml file and tried to use that to restore to the new appliance, but it didn’t work. I called Netgate who had me email them the file & they altered it and sent it back. Something to do with the port groupings are different between the 2 models. Well, I still can’t get it to work.

You switch between appliances all the time, but you never say how you do that. Do you have to manually reconfigure everything every time, or do you have a method of using the xml files to do the heavy lifting? You might be able to reconfigure one from scratch very quickly, but I had to follow your videos step by step by step, even then asking questions to my brother who graciously helped me.

So, if you could do a video on upgrading from an 1100 to a 3100 as easily as possible, I (and probably many other less technical people) would really appreciate it.

Thanks, David

I would bet there are some unique IDs on the devices that are preventing you copying your XML file from one unit to the other. You’ll need to compare the two XML files.

Moving between devices that have the back end port VLAN switches requires some editing of the file or you could just do a selective restore (which is often what I do) to get things set back up.