Video Suggestion: Kasm Server Review

There’s a software that I think Tom would be perfect to review. It’s called Kasm. Installing a Kasm Server into a VM in his favorite hypervisor is really easy to do, but I think having him actually review the concept of what it provides would be awesome. Kasm is a great tool for home use, if you do your own selfhosting, or it’s a great tool for businesses. Browser Isolation/sandboxing for security, and browser sharing for training… Many different use cases, and the developers are very friendly and responsive. I think it would be a win-win for Lawrence Systems and Kasm, if you would check this out and provide your feedback to viewers and potential clients. I’ve done some install videos for Proxmox but Tom has the subscriber base to really showcase Kasm and what it can do. (I have no affiliation with Kasm, I just think it’s a great piece of software that deserves some attention.)

Thanks but not something I am likely to review as it is not something I am likely to use.