Video Suggestion: Joyent Triton

I work for a company named Joyent, and it’s owned by Samsung. We have our own illumos based operating system called SmartOS and built on that OS is our open source cloud Triton. Triton is akin to OpenStack but is opinionated much easier to manage and use. We were previously a cloud provider and used the Triton software stack to power that cloud, but we moved into focusing on software and helping other companies manage their installations. I would like to see you check it out and perhaps discuss in a video. I can help provide any information.

Thanks, but this does look like something that I would not use so I am not going to do a video on it.

You meant something you would NOT use. No problem, thought you may have seen it before. Thank you for the video on ZeroTier, we do multi DC VPN so this looks interesting. in addition we are working with Equinix Metal (Packet) so our on-prem customers who want to expand with Packet might need something like that.

Yes, I corrected it to say “Not”.

Zerotier and Nebula are really interesting and really useful tools.

I was super excited when the Open Mesh VPN video popped up. Super interesting topic. Thank you for all the videos and content, i’ll be ordering some shirts next week.

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Hope you don’t mind if I jump in here, but this seems Intriguing to me… I skimmed over the description on the GitHub page and I think I have a good general idea of how it works, but I was wondering how it handles HA? Can it do hyper-converged? I like having redundancy across physical nodes, so I only seriously consider products / platforms which can “cluster”.

For example, I’m running Hyper-V with storage spaces direct. If one of the bare metal nodes fails, those VMs will automatically fail over to the other node. I don’t have to touch a thing. I’ve been hoping to see something similar for containers (Docker Swarm? Kubernetes?) but with an interface that makes it simple and doesn’t require a few weeks of time to learn how to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot container stuff. I’m holding out for TrueNAS SCALE because I’ve heard that will eventually fulfill my desire, but I am interested in hearing how Joynet Triton might fit the bill?