Video Suggestion : folding@home project

I think it might be cool to do a video on this project :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a crowdsourced number cruncher simulator for analyzing potential drug treatments including for Covid-19 at the moment. They have a debian installer.

I think I may check it out to see if it seems secure but would love your opinion.

I have thought about that, I have some extra CPU cycles… :slight_smile:

I tried a few weeks ago, but the number of servers was still a problem and my computer sat idle for many hours waiting for work. After it sat for 24 hours, I decided it wasn’t worth the wear and tear of setting up my classroom to run this. Thought that if things were going to be idle that I should get some work out of them, but I also can’t have the room heating up too much by having them sit at 80 percent and higher fan speed. If I had faster graphics cards in them it might be more worthwhile, but the K1200 cards just take a long time to chew on things, and the few jobs that CPU can take are really slow.