Video Suggestion: Firewall Rules Across Networks with OpenVPN


I wish to suggest a video for a tutorial on how to setup firewall rules across different networks to establish communication like SSH, web service, etc.

I have gone through the videos about setting up firewall rules to setup OpenVPN and separate LAN and IoT network. However, communication is lost from LAN to IoT network when OpenVPN is in place. Further research suggested that there is virtual IP assigned to VPN interface which may have caused the problem. I wish to have a tutorial for firewall configuration to establish communication from LAN to IoT network. Thanks.


I think it helps to actually use vlans rather than LANs when setting up the structure of your network.

I’m actually unsure why you’d use a LAN when vlans give you many more options in a home setting.

My rules are basically the same for an OpenVPN and vlan interface if it helps.

OpenVPN for the most part is just another subnet. You create the rules under the OpenVPN tab under rules.

Thanks Tom.

Just a follow-up question. You had Chicago and Swiss interfaces. In order to allow traffic from Chicago to Swiss, do you just need to create a rule to pass traffic under Firewall Rules->Chicago interface instead of Firewall Rules->OpenVPN tab?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I think I know what video you are talking about, so yes.

Thanks Tom. I tried few rule but just can’t have the connection … I posted another topic here since it is not suitable to post it under this thread.

Greatly appreciated if you could shine some light on the problem.


Hi Eric,
Watch my 2 videos on OpenVPN setup and firewall rules setup. That should help you out: