Video Suggestion: Enterprise SSDs and Why

Hey guys! I know this may be a basic topic, but, I think a video regarding Enterprise SSDs in a business environment, and whether it is a necessity or not, would be great. What are the advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve asked on Reddit and there are a ton of polarizing opinions. Like “Well, we’ve always run Samsung EVOs and never had an issue” or “You should run enterprise drives because you should”.

I know it sounds like a newb question. But some clear and concise answers (or opinions) on way or another would be helpful!

Hi Bobby,

There are several technical reasons why enterprise SSDs are more expensive. The ones I can think of off hand are:

  • Controller firmware optimized for more consistent performance rather than impressive benchmark scores
  • larger over-provisioning space
  • power buffer (capacitors or battery) to ensure write completion in case of power failure
  • more robust, faster technology (eg use of slc instead of mlc)

Enterprise SSDs have capacitors that will hold enough energy to keep the memory powered until power comes back to finish writing data when it receives power after an outage. Also, enterprise SSDs come in different varieties that have different use cases. Some have higher throughput in terms of writing data, some are read focused and provide better read during 100% load, etc. Also, some enterprise SSDs have extra NAND chips and are over-provisioned to provide extra write endurance. Generally they are MLC and some are SLC (more rare now days).

Edit: Also, enterprise drives tend to not slow down as they fill up.

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