Video Suggestion: ControlD - managed DNS with "superpowers"

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Since you’ve done in-depth reviews of NextDNS, I figured you may also like this new service.

ControlD is a fully customizable DNS service that allows you to not only block annoyances like malware, tracking, ads or IoT telemetry, but also unblock over 180 services through a network of proxy servers in over 100 cities. All without any apps to install.

Full disclosure: I’m affiliated with the company and can answer any questions.


Hello @Yegor, could you please share with us some insights regarding the source of your block lists? Where do you find the lists of the domains you block?


This is a Windscribe project. We use various community maintained lists as the source. We do not expose individual community block lists, because they are full of false positives and have no meaning to most people. Almost nobody knows what they are or what the difference is between OISD, StevenBlack or GoodbyeAds, unless they’re super into Pi-Hole, DNS, etc. 99% of people are not. We also want to avoid questions like “Which list is best?”.

Our ad + tracking block list is based on top of 27 different lists (~1M domains), with our own block lists added on top, and most importantly false positives removed based on 3 years of community feedback from millions of Windscribe users. Our custom whitelist has thousands of domains that are falsely blocked by most community lists. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hmm I don’t like that Webpage - they do not offer me any information about who is ControlD or who is behind it. Where are those Servers located, who is operating it?, what happens to the requests?

If a Website dont even show me the owner information or what country it is in it’s not trustworthy. putting all my DNS Queries into somebodys hand I do not know is not something I prefer, no matter of features. Rather I pay for a service where I know what is going on.

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This is a service by Windscribe, a VPN provider with 35M+ million users that has been around for 5+ years. Ownership is public. The service is still in beta (launched a couple of weeks ago). The privacy policy outlines exactly what is stored, but it’s mostly applicable to users with accounts to take advantage of the advanced features like Global Proxy.

The servers are located globally, in 18 different POPs, since this is an anycast service. A network page that shows all the POPs is being added next week.

I don’t say it`s not trustworthy per se, I just say the Informaiton is kind of hidden or not available.

Good to know that is is by Windscribe, this should be pointed out clearly. Because currently, even if you search, there is no Information about operator, address / place of the company, intention and so on the whole page. May because of beta, I hope it will be added later.

As said; If I see a service not even have a Imprint telling me clearly who is behind it on one click, I and many others always have in mind “do they have to hide something” “Are they trustworthy” “who are they at all?” especially with sensitive things like DNS and or Proxy solutions.