Video Suggestion: Aruba Instant-On for a UniFi Replacement

Title says it all. Get some Aruba Instant-On products and see if it can replace a UniFi setup. I love Ubnt, but always being in alpha and beta to gain the features they advertise is tiring.

Take a look at Engenius Cloud and TPLink Omada - both have web demo systems. Both are looking very good to me. I personally don’t like the Aruba AP hardware, it isn’t very power efficient (I have first hand experience that the in-wall APs in particular generate far more heat than the competing Ruckus model, with less performance). I love Aruba switches, but when you put them into InstantOn mode (connected to the cloud) they lose almost all their features. Ruckus Unleashed by comparison just adds to the ICX switches without disabling any of their features accessible from the local managment.

I did a review of the Aruba InstantOn here but the access points only offer control through their cloud system without a local management option.