Video Suggestion: 802.11 Enterprise

Hey Tom,

I know in a recent video you mentioned that you wanted to do a video on 802.11 Enterprise wireless networks. This is certainly something I’m hanging out for since I use it myself at home.

For me, I use FreeRADIUS as a plug-in to pfSense and it works quite well, but there is a lot of set up involved and a few settings which might confuse a lot of people. I also want to make sure I’m implementing it correctly and securely.

I would appreciate if you provide your view on certificate handling and how you guys set up our clients.

Keep up the great work. Would you guys fancy some Australian chilli sauces and other spicy things?

Yeah I’d second that, having FreeRadius and 802.1x means I don’t have the same wifi password. Since, I’ve discovered it can also be applied to ethernet connections, so I intend to apply it to my external IP cameras.

However, I have to say with all these security measures I don’t really know how secure I am maybe just a bit more than next door.

I will eventually get a video done with Radius.