Video Streaming for Child Care Rooms

Not sure if this is the right spot for this.

We have a Unifi Protect system and our children’s ministry wants to provide a “day care” view of classrooms to parents.

Anyone have experience with Day Care video streaming solutions?

Thank you.

UniFi Cameras do support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSPS) and then you could find some tools that allow for that video to be displayed, but I am not sure it’s the most ideal solution.

In the past I looked at vlc, you can connect that to your stream via RTSPS but it’s a bit clunky. Then just embed vlc on a webserver, security is another issue.

I hope this is behind a password protected area. HLS might be a better plan so it just streams out of a webpage. But if these are open to anyone, I would expect legal problems. Best you could probably do is make everyone go in through some kind of VPN, then the streams could be made on the local only network. Many camera systems offer HLS streaming, but the number of streams is very limited. You may need to set up a streaming server to handle the parents, Mist is free, Wowza I think is paid, Mammoth might still be functional or it might be gone. MistServer - Open Source edition downloads

Where I am located, open video of childcare facilities can land you in jail and close your business, it’s very serious here.


Thank you and total get the legal issues here.

It would be nice if there was an existing solution that daycares or pet daycares use that are agnostic to camera systems, ones I see want you to buy their cameras, too.

Like this, ChildView | Leader in Childcare streaming video systems - ChildView

But allow for using existing camera solution like our Unifi Protect setup.