Video Series Suggestion: Configuring Networks for VoIP phone systems

Title says it. I want to learn how to create and optimize my network for running a VoIP phone PBX. Most likely I will host on site, and not use a cloud system. I don’t quite understand how to make the phones go to one VLAN and the PCs on another.

I’m currently considering 3CX, but open to options.

If you are daisy chaining the computers to the back of a phone and then connecting the phone to a switch you just need to designate a voice VLAN and data VLAN to that port on the switch. The setup is pretty straight forward on a Cisco or UniFi switch. I would put the PBX on it’s own subnet/VLAN and whitelist the required ports (TFTP for example). You would also need to setup ip helper or a DHCP forward to point the phones to a DHCP server for IPs. The DHCP server will likely have an option setup to point to the PBX for TFTP. You could use a firewall/router for the DHCP server as well.

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I cover that in this video. The option you are looking for is LLDP-MED which I cover.

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Hey Tom, thanks for that. I really appreciate that you take time to comment back.

I also found this video to be helpful.

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