Video on - NFS 4.1 and ISCSI multipath on XCP-NG to Synology NAS LACP

Tom, could you perhaps do two videos on the following. Since many of your viewers also use Synology and XCP-NG based on your recommendations?

Setup NFS SR with Multipath/LACP on Synology NAS
Setup ISCSI SR with Multipath/LACP on Synology NAS

I imagine my example is similar to others setups.
In my case, this would be helpful in either senario. As i have a XCP-NG host with 4x 1Gb Ports 2x 10Gb
Unfortunately no 10Gb switch ports. Also a Synology DS416 with x2 1Gb

I’m finding some hit or miss guides. But either with ESXI, or XenCenter. Not specifically, both products.
XCP-NG+Synology. Guides all differ in some small ways with recommendations. Switch configs etc. And NIC configs.

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I’d be interested in this too.

I’m rebuilding my lab system, two DL380’s and a HP SAN, which used to be hyperv to run xcp-ng. Got the hosts installed not problem (I have been using xcp-ng since Jan so that’s no problem now) but I’ve not made the time to look at the SAN yet. It has fiber HBAs and iSCSI so I was going to try setting both up.

Not exactly what you are looking for but similar

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I have two Dell R220’s and a Synology DS1621+ and some idea of what works best between iSCSI and NFS would be really helpful as both work but not sure how to benchmark them properly.