Video about UPSs

I noticed you don’t actually have a video dedicated to UPSs which are an important part of any server rack I’d assume.

Stuff like: Eaton vs APC (or other brands?)
Online vs line interactive
Lithium vs Acid battery based UPSs
UPS management
If a server has a redundant power supply, should you put both power supplies on 2 different batteries? or one on a battery and one on mains?

These are just some questions that I have thought about everytime I think about my UPSs

I have reached out to some companies to get some for comparison, but so far I have not heard back from them.


How about testing a UPS and getting it to turn off your computer/server if power not back

Many modern ones are USB and for Windows you load the app and for Linux you use the NUT not likely I will do a video on it.