Vide Suggestion: Home network troubleshooting

Would be great to have a video about tips, tricks, tools etc. regarding home network troubleshooting.

For example, let’s assume we have home network with technologies that is familiar from the channel: Unifi Wifi & switches, pfSense with pfBlockerNG and not always reliable Internet connectivity (e.g. LTE/mobile). Then you have a problem e.g. while streaming content to your Chromecast or some other device. Problem can be in many places, maybe just bad Wifi signal, or bad Wifi AP firmware update (bug), or maybe pfBlocker NG updated its feeds and something broke down, or maybe problem is with the unreliable mobile Internet, or maybe someone broke the DNS with BGP etc…

You can of course start to really troubleshoot problem one component after other, looking into logs etc. But maybe you have Zabbix also. Are there any good Zabbix monitoring items you should have running to quickly see where the problem really is? Or once problem occurs, to run some kind of diagnostic script that shows what is working and what not?

So, I’m not after detailed troubleshooting video on above mentioned technologies but a video showing how to pinpoint or locate the problem quickly using some tools, tips tricks etc.

The good news is troubleshooting home networks is much the same as troubleshooting most any network. The bad news is it’s a really broad topic so hard to make a video that is not really really long to cover all the many ways things break. But the recent Facebook outage has me thinking about a few things I can put in a video to figure out what’s going on. I do have a video on how to do some troubleshooting with the tools in pfsense here that can be helpful as well.


That’s a really good video, like the tips on seeing devices dialling out, never realised that was in ntop.