vGpu and graphics cards less than $400

I’m new to XCP-ng and I’m trying to configure a new system and got to the graphics card. It looks like, unless you spend thousands of dollars for a graphics card like AMD FirePro S7150, you can’t share a graphics card between VMs?

I saw the following from Olivier Lambert "vGPU is vastly different than PCI passthrough. In short, vGPU is passing “slices” of physical GPU to a VM (like vCPU for a physical CPU). This allows to share GPU load between multiple VMs with one physical GPU.

PCI Passthrough is exclusive, it “reserves” the whole PCI device for one VM."

So, is the alternative to have multiple graphics cards and assign each to a particular VM?
Do lower priced graphics cards like an AMD RX580 work, but they have performance or other problems when shared across multiple VMs?


I have not done any testing, but here is the list from Citrix (which should also work in XCP-NG) of cards that support vGPU

Thanks Tom. I looked all over and didn’t find anything like this. I appreciate the link!