Very Futuristic Dates on Snapshots and Tasks in XCP-NG

I recently upgraded in place an old xenserver machine to xcp-ng. I migrated a smaller vm over as a test and noticed that the snapshots and task data are showing that they occurred 50,000 years into the future.

I checked that the timezone was set properly on the host and even new snapshots say they are from January 51000 years into the future.

Is there something simple I can do or should I just blow away the whole system and install from scratch.

Other than that everything seems to be working fine.

Now that is weird. How is the hardware clock and date set?

Just got back to the site to see if i could see the hardware clock in the bios but when i checked the hv everything was back to normal as in 3 days ago, not 52000 years in the future. I guess it may have missed an ntp sync or something but its totally normal now.

Total weirdness. Have no clue as to how and why.