Version of 'Management agent' for Ubuntu VMs on XCP-NG v8.2.0

Small help please - about versions of the Xen Tools Management Agent installed on XCP-NG VMs running Ubuntu.

  • Which version of Xen tools Management agent is the latest? (presumably 8.0.50-1 ??)
  • Do I have a genuine copy of the guest tools ISO, shown at v8.2? Because its contents have versions of the packages at v7.20, eg xe-guest-utilities_7.20.0-9_amd64.deb
  • Anywhere I can download the correct guest tools ISO.

I have XCP-NG running on a host at v8.2.0. The installation managed via Xen Orchestra - “compile it yourself” version on a VM.

I compared the setup of a number of VMs created with Ubuntu 20.04.

All of them are consistent in terms of:-

  • Xen Orchestra general tab shows “Hardware virtualization with paravirtualization drivers enabled (PVHVM)”
  • Relevant service is shown as active and running in response to
    • sudo systemctl status xe-linux-distribution

However for these VMs the Management agent version is showing two different versions in Xen Orchestra General tab

  • One of them, created a few months back is showing “Management agent v8.0.50-1 detected”
  • While others, including one just created is showing “Management agent 7.20.0-9 detected”

From what I can see, I have latest ISO for these tools

  • Filename: guest-tools-8.2.0-9.xcpng8.2.iso (located on my XCP-NG host at /opt/xensource/packages/iso)
  • Filesize 15,204,352
  • Last modified: 23-June-2021

Online info for the Linux PV tools - info only, cannot find anywhere to dowload the ISO from

I don’t overthink it and unless there are any issues (which I can’t think of any) I just use what either comes with the OS or the ISO included with the XCP-NG version.

Tom, Thanks.

I dug a bit deeper and there is an explanation for this apparent downgrade in the link and screenshot below. Your advice confirmed - no need to reinstall if working correctly.

The tools ISO was updated 29-June-2021 with 7.x version numbers - even though previous ones had been 8.x

See screenshot of relevant paragraph attached.