VeloCloud and VoIP

New to the forum, first post :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if anyone has knowledge/experience working with VeloCloud.

A company whose IT I manage (we’ll call them “Rhode Island”) was approached by Verizon to save $ on their telephone bill by switching to them. Rhode Island’s current provider, TPx (formerly Telepacific), said they could offer a better deal with VeloCloud (SD-WAN box). They said it could work with their existing telephone systems (Nortel M7310s over an MICS box with a digital trunk card hosting the T1 line, voice only). The trade off, of course, is that TPx would now have complete, exclusive control and access to Rhode Island’s network “to ensure QoS.” This all sounded kind of fishy to me, so of course I had to do a bit of homework.

But even with as much digging around as I’ve done so far, I haven’t encountered anything that convinces me that they can just drop ship their little VeloCloud box and it will magically virtualize what looks like physical layer concerns to me (all my search returns say that one would need a VoIP gateway or ATA to bridge the apparent gaps).

Does anyone have eyes on this kind of thing? Tech specs and capabilities are pretty spotty for VeloCloud, so if they included a VoIP gateway in their magic box, then I’ll have heard it first here.