Vates New Pricing

Question on the new Vates updated pricing guide. I currently have two projects where we are looking to transition from VMWare to XCP-NG. This new guide shows Restore only selected files from a Delta Backup only being available in the most expensive Premium package at $600/mo. Does this mean the function of file level restores is not available or utilizing support for file level restores is not available? I like the flat pricing options but might be a little pricey for a single host environment, but that is where the starter package comes in. Thank you for any insights.

File level restore is available in Essential + package - Subscribe to XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra

For any question like this I would ring them, so you get the correct information and you can discuss your setup


Here is the link I am referencing. Xen-Orchestra ✦ Web Interface for XenServer

When looking at the product matrix, file level restore shows under premium.

New here so trying to figure out does one buy from Vates or the link above from xen-orchestra, which as I understand it is Vates. Thanks.