UVC G3 flex on a UVC NVR


I have a question which I cannot find anywhere on the internet and I hope someone can help me with it.
After google searches I came on several Unifi related video’s of Lawrence systems. A lot of interesting video’s, but not quite the information I was looking for.

At home I have a UVC NVR with several UVC G3 camera’s.
For testing purposes I got a UVC G3 Flex camera, which should fall under the Unifi protect series, while the UVC NVR falls under the Unifi Video series.

The NVR doesn’t see the G3 flex and in the log I see errors looks like it couldn’t connect to the camera.

Is this compatible with eachother? Or is it just not possible?

Kind regards

I don’t think it’s compatible and only works with the new protect system.

that’s my suspicion too, after a few hours of testing en trying.