USW-Aggregation - How to connect?

Hey Guys,
I just grabbed a USW-Aggregation switch to add some 10G ports to my network. I still have my training wheels on, so I could use some advice on the correct way to add this to my existing system.

Greetings Dustbro.

Congrats on the addition to your network stack.

Q1. Do you intend to keep the Aggregation switch powered on full time or to just fire it up on demand when you’re playing in the lab? (The reason that I ask is that you can cable this so that STP will leverage it when its up, bypass it when its powered down.)

Thanks for the reply! This going to be powered on all the time.

Q2. How many of the 8 ports on the Aggregation switch do you plan to use?

Link aggregation is supported. Depending upon your Internet Service Provider connection and your use cases on the USW-24-PoE you might want to use a pair of links between the USW-24 and the UWG-Agg. What high bandwidth use cases are there for devices cabled to the USW-Agg? NAS? Virt Cluster? Backup target? If you burn a pair of links from the USG and a pair of links from the USW-24-PoE you’re left with only 4 SFP+ ports. I’d be more inclined to connect the USG to the USW-24-PoE and the USW-24-PoE to the USW-Agg via the pair of SFP+ ports leaving 6 ports free in the USW-Agg. Check one of my other posts in this forum for adapters used to cable between the USW-24-PoE SFP and USW-Agg SFP+.

USG LAN1 <==> USW-24-PoE 23
USG LAN2 <==> USW-24-PoE 24
USW-24-PoE SFP1 <==> USW-Agg 7
USW-24-PoE SFP2 <==> USW-Agg 8

provides link aggregation
maximizes number of free ports on the USW-Agg.

This approach might be completely wrong.
Fiber where you can reduces the risk of a lightning strike against an exterior cam from propagating to your NAS.

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