USW-24-POE SFP problem

Hi all,

I am trying to connect (2) USW-24-POE switches together with single mode SFP fiber with a length of about 350’. The link will not come up. We have tried multiple fiber strands, all of which test good. If I move the SFP module to another UISP Edge Switch on one end, the link will come up. Also, The link will come up if I connect the 2 USW switches on a short run.

We have traded with known working SFP modules with no success.
SFP module is a UACC-OM-SM-1G-S-2

Is there a distance limitation I’m not aware of with the USW line of switches? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance…

Assuming it’s not disabled in the UniFi controller (it defaults to enabled) my guess would be the port is bad.

If you used the same cable it might be some incompatibility or bad port. If you tested the SFPs with another cable, check that duplex is correctly set up (switch LC connectors to the other side).