Using VPN instead of proxy for self-hosting services

I have a couple servers here at home, both of which have plenty of resources to support all my non-critical services (games servers, websites, etc.) These services only exist in the cloud and I understand that I could use a proxy to self-host these services without anyone looking at my home IP address. The problem is, some of my game servers cannot work in this manner with using a proxy.

I came across Pritunl, an open source VPN, which I use as my home VPN server. They have a paid subscription for $10 which allows clients to port forward. I was wondering if I could install this on a small cloud server and connect to the VPN on my home virtual machines instead of using a proxy, but still having the same security, i.e. my IP is not being exposed. And since the VPS I plan to use offers DDoS protection, this might be a good setup after thinking about it.

I understand the absence of redundancy but again I am hosting nothing important that needs to be up 24/7. But my question is, could this setup be practical and work how I explained it?

Thank you.

This looks like a SASE solution. I haven’t used it myself, but it should work. Once you setup the local VPN server I am guessing it will connect to their DC and establish an IPSec tunnel. You will then need to point your default route to the IP of the server and all traffic can then be routed across the tunnel and use their public IP. I am basing this off of what I have done with AWS, but it seems a lot easier with this. I may set it up in a lab too to see what it looks like.