Using PFsense as DHCP server or setup my own for dhcp relay?

I have PFsense setup with a single LAN ethernet link that has 4 transit VLANs for different “zones” those VLAN interfaces are point to point links with /30s for each. That cable goes to a switch port that is tagged/trunked and each VLAN terminates on 4 VRFs each with their own SVI that has the P2P IP address. I’m planning on setting a DHCP helper/relay on each VRF for other network prefixes that are on the same VRF to keep things simple think a single /24 on each VRF.

I have been trying to figure out if the DHCP service on an interface in pfsense can handle multiple different networks not defined as the same network that the interface is on but haven’t been successful in figuring that out.

I could make the interface a /23 where the p2p /30 and /24 are both in the same prefix and define a pool for the /24 and set the gateway. There is one major issue with this, I can only define a single gateway and it doesn’t scale well if I add another /24 network to the VRF I’d have to expand the interface network again to be a /22 thus adding a single /24 forces me to really add a /23 and /22’s are already pushing it for a single broadcast network.

Do I just need to run my own DHCP server? I have configured isc-dhcpd in the past this way and dnsmasq looks to support it as well.

As far as I know pfsense can only create a DHCP server for each network/subnet defined and assigned to an interface. So a separate DHCP server might be a better solution.

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