Using HAProxy, Acme certs, subdomains with dynamic dns help please

I have a dynamic ip address, but want to setup some services like nextcloud etc. I have several domains that I can test with, however after reading several posts online and watching numerous videos, I still haven’t found a solution that will allow me to pickup my dynamic ip address with a subdomain i.e.

I have managed to get cloudflare (for example) to pickup the dynamic ip address, however from what I can see, I cannot use subdomains on their free platform.

I have been following this video How To Setup ACME, Let's Encrypt, and HAProxy HTTPS offloading on pfsense - YouTube for reference but again my downfall is no static ip address so I don’t see that using digital ocean as my dns will solve this issue either.

If anyone has any solutions that would be great!!
Thank you

Your registrar is where you will point to your DNS provider. For example if you have noip for a registrar and cloudflare as your DNS provider. As for a dynamic dns you can utilize pfsense to update your cloudflare (if that is what you are using) or I am sure you can Google your DNS providers method to update your IP address.

I’ve managed to get access to namecheaps api. They do both dynamic dns and domain registrar so everything in one place which has made things easier :slightly_smiling_face: