Using for accessing internal IP


I have for dynamic IP.
all works well from the outside (external people logging into my servers), but I can’t reach an internal “server” using this address …
I can reach the server by using it’s local IP address, but when I use the ddns address from INSIDE my network it doesn’t connect …

it looks like Pfsense is blocking “loop-traffic” via this external DNS to my internal server …

did I forget or mistake some setting ?

before I used and then it worked … very strange …

please help …


edit : it has nothing to do with the in itself, I think, because when I surf directly to the WAN IP adress:port I also get a time-out … something in the NAT rules ?

You need to make sure NAT reflection or split DNS is configured

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spot on ! (as always)

thanks tom

greetings from Belgium, the land of the 1.000 chocolates (remember ?)