USG NAT rule assistance

Hey guys,

Looking to setup the following:


Allow a specific set of WAN IPs to view NVR stream behind the USG.

I understand we can do so by adding these IPs under Routing & Firewall > Port Forwarding.

I see there a way to add this as a Firewall allow rule and adding the list of IPs under “Address/Port Group”, but where on earth do I create the NAT rule translating this to the NVR behind the firewall if I don’t want to go the port forwarding route?

Am I missing something?

create the NAT rule and where it says “From” choose limited and specify the IP address to restrict to.

Thanks Tom - but I’d need to create a whole buncha rules for each IP I want to whitelist. Unless I missed something. Vs if I create a firewall rule I can add all whitelisted IP in one rule, but then there’s no NAT.

Does the USG equipment support Aliases? If so, that’s where I’d go for the whitelist ip’s.