USG 4 pro or UDM PRO

I’m ready to go all in with my dream network system. I was just getting ready to get the USG 4-pro and I found out about the Dream machine Pro. I have a 300 meg connection. And I would like to add some cameras also. What should I do?

My thoughts on the USG firewalls

and I have not done any research on the Dream Machine.

Well USG 4-Pro peak throughput with IDS/IPS on is 250 Mbps. Those boxes have not been updated in a long time, I see them as EOL product and overall i echo that UniFi gateways are more of a limitation and liability in a stack. I can’t wait to get rid of the 2 I have in full UniFi stacks.

Dream Machine pro, is a 1 stop shop all in one device. Again will most likely be a good product, but i am not an all eggs in one basket type of guy.

We get so many requests from people asking for help configuring the UniFi routes asking for things they don’t support I might make a “Your UniFi Router Can’t Do List” type of video