Uses for Meraki evaluation h/w once the license expires?

In 2019 Cisco sent me a number of their Meraki network devices to evaluate free of charge. They each came with a 3-year license.

I used the Meraki products for the 3 years in my home lab. I have two 8-port switches, an MX65 firewall, and an MR33 wireless access point.

They worked nicely in my home lab,. but after the 3-year “free” license period expired the cost of renewal was not justifiable, and I had already moved to a Netgate pfSense Plus firewall. I’m still using pfSense along with some Unifi switches and access points.

So the Meraki kit is just sitting there gathering dust. I have seen some Merkai products can be “re-purposed” using OpenWRT, but have yet to spend any time on it as I don’t really need the kit anymore. I’m loathe to throw it in the electrical waste bin at my local recycling center.

Does anyone have any useful suggestions. Thanks.


If you were in the USA, I’d offer to take them off your hands and fool with it. Did a quick look and some of the old stuff from like 8 years ago seems dead, not sure about now.

this thread makes it seem like newer hardware closed the open firmware loophole:

Might just be electronic scrap now.