User Cyber Security Training

So one aspect of protecting one’s network is training users on what to look for and what not to click on, or open, etc. What are some MSP resellable products that you guys use? Please explain what you do or do not like about the product you use. This is an upsell I intend to have I just don’t know what’s good or not.

We have been looking at a few solutions looks very promising.

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We are partnered with an outside company that does end-user training and monthly reporting.

And who is said company?

We us knowbe4 at my day job, the test are easy for our engineering team but man rest of company failed miserably at first. But after a year they improved drastically.

my employer chose CyberHoot for this. I work at a medium business (250-500 employees) and the service was chosen by corporate persons and/or internal IT - I’m just a network engineer so I was not involved in the search and selection process.

I agree with @LTS_Tom and @bobstertime about using knowbe4. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s quite useful. You get a lot of very useful tools for very reasonable pricing. The only knock I really have is the user training modules. I can’t speak for recently but in past they always started out with some short clip praising Kevin Mitnick. It got a bit annoying as I felt it took away from the seriousness of the training modules. Otherwise the user training campaigns were well composed.

It still did last year praise Mitnick. I We generally are required to do it yearly.

Havn’t used it but was brought to my attention.​

So the problem I have with KnowBe4 is they basically won’t talk to me unless I am managing at least 200 endpoints. Has anyone else had this problem?