User based network logging with pfsense

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I’m sorry if this is the wrong category for this topic. I’m currently trying to figure out pfsense to create a firewall for a small enterprise. I have installed and configured pfsense to a spare PC with an i5 CPU and did some connections that I’m not sure about. Please find my setup below:

igc0 is the erhernet port on the motherboard and igb0/igb1 ports are from an additional PCIe NIC.

So far, I’m able to connect to the internet using the laptop and get real time traffic metrics on the pfsense dashboard. However, I have two use cases I was not able to implement yet.

  1. User (local IP) based network logging and filtering.
  2. Wireless access

Is this setup correct for the above use cases? How do I do the logging based on every user in the subnet? How can I setup WiFi connection within this setup?

I have tried pfBlockerNG-devel (v3) and SquidGuard but even though I create rules for youtube, facebook etc on SquidGuard, I can still access those websites using the laptop. What should I do to prevent access to some website? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Have you setup the DNSBL categories within PFBlocker ?

How to block website categories using pfBlockerNG - YouTube

You can use blacklists - Block Website PFBlockerNG - YouTube

Delete the rules you have created and start again.

As for wireless, you need to purchase a wireless access point.

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pfsense is just not really good at doing per user content filtering, I have a recent video on the topic.

Thanks for the video, it was great! I just watched it completely and now I know more about it.

You are actually quite right about that you can not just simply know every solution and test them individually so I’m taking Zorus as my research base to find other solutions. The main thing is that we would like to assess a couple open-source or subscription/licensing-free solutions and deep dive into them to implement for our system even though we know it will cost us much more time. So if there is any recommended solution/software that you can think of, it would be great to know about it.