Use Local DNS with PIA OVPN client

I want my PIA OpenVPN client to use the Quad9 DNS servers I set up on my PfSense appliance. My IPTV service stops streaming when I route my IOT VLAN traffic through the VPN client. Some on PIA forums have mentioned this is a solution. I have read through multiple posts and cannot find the correct answer. Thanks in advance

You can override the DNS in the DHCP settings to be Quad9 or whoever you want it to be.

Thank you, Tom. I did, but it did not work. The DNS leak test still shows PIA’s DNS server. I have flushed the DNS on my laptop too.

Your browser is probably using DOH

Hi Tom, I checked and turned off the DOH on the browser. Attaching the OVPN client settings.

Issue is resolved, had to remove the DNS settings from the adapter on laptop.