USB4net and Truenas?

Anyone know if Truenas will support the USB4net protocol/connection and or do they support Thunderbolt connections?

I’m looking at needing a small storage array for video files, what I’d really like is a 10gbps (or faster) USB 3.x connection since I have a bunch of those available, but not finding a card that allows a “client” to the computer’s “host”. The computer has a single 10gbps, but I want to keep that free for incoming streams (up to 32 NDI HB streams) so just hanging storage off the switch is not my first or second choice. I don’t remember if any of the computer’s ports are Thunderbolt, if so then I might be done and can move forward. Another possible is just a second 10gbps card and DAC cable between the two, they will be that close to each other. Computer is Windows 10, I think they are running LTSC IoT version now, been a while since I looked at it.

Here is a paper on USB4net: