USB <space> Four absurdity


Somehow the matter of the USB 4 set of standards being enacted had escaped me.
I reviewed some material on Wikipedia and read an article on Tom’s Hardware.
I found the marketing-speak to be quite dreadful regarding the lack of a space between “USB” and the number “4”.
We used “USB 2” and it was better than what we had previously.
We used “USB 3” and all of its sub categories including the 4 varieties of USB 3.2.

I demand that the “USB 4” standard include the time honored space betwixt the “USB” and “4”.

Seeing that it is Pie day here I hope that if someone comes within arms reach of Brad Saunders, that they administer a Pie tin of whipped cream directly into his face, with no space.

Apologies in advance for wasting your time.

Tom, I’d like to see the USB “standards” chart offered on the back of a T-shirt.

I don’t recall what alias I use for this account.