USB Passthrough for a boot device (Unraid)

Hi all, I’m at my last hurdle with my move from Proxmox to XCP-NG. I know this is a bit unorthodox, but I want an unraid guest to use as a docker host and to manage shares. I really like the unraid community and the amount of content available, but I can’t run it bare metal in this scenario because I don’t want Untangle running in Unraid since I can’t simply vmotion it to a new host (I just have 2 right now). I don’t want to go back to Proxmox (even though it’ll allow me to do exactly what I’m trying to do here) because I don’t want a 2 node cluster just to be able to do live moves, and don’t want to do backup/restores to a new host. vMotion is very appealing.

Since XOA doesn’t seem to have the option, I used XCP-NG Center to passthrough the unraid USB to a guest, but for the life of me I can’t get it to boot it. There’s no USB mentioned in the vm’s boot options menu, and I don’t see a function key pop up with the virtual bios to select a boot device. Maybe it’s there but it boots too fast to see via the console? I’m not sure. Either way, I’m hoping someone has a suggestion that doesn’t involve me going back to Proxmox since I can’t get a 3rd host right this moment.

Thanks in advance!

I answered my own question again!~ PlopKexec will boot the Unraid USB… just mount the PlopKexec ISO and boot!

PlopKexec - Download](PlopKexec - Download