USB C ethernet with PD power device?

So I bought a cheap laptop to leave at work for many of the things I need to do with switches and network attached video devices. It has a USB 3.x A socket, and a USB C socket on the side, the USB C also has PD for charging. I need ethernet with this as well as USB-serial, etc. So I bought this device which should give me everything I need but one problem:

It does everything I need except that it requires a power supply to do anything. Part of the point of a laptop is to just hook up and get a job done quickly, not pull out power and plug it in, then get to work. Does anyone know of a device that will give me an ethernet connection (prefer gigabit), and the ability for PD charging when I need a longer term power source? A couple extra USB A or C ports would be handy in case I have serial and ethernet connected, and need a flash drive to pull firmware or some other function.

Bonus points: The same desired device that has PD and POE++, one of my switches has 90 watts per port, another 30 watts, plus I often have some 90 watts injectors connected where I’ll be working. This option may cost more than I’m willing to spend, but it might be neat!

This is for primarily Windows (11) but I am starting to work with Linux using WSL2. I have tools that really need to be run on Windows for the video system (NDI streams), so Linux is kind of a back up that I’m just fooling with and may use for security work if it functions correctly through the VM that it really is (WSL2 now uses Hyper-V).

Here’s one for 802.3at: New! Gigabit PoE+ (802.3at) to USB-C Power + Data Delivery with 25 Wat — POE Texas
Its made for tablets but should work fine for a laptop
Here’s one for 60W:

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Oh wow, I didn’t even know these exist. That’s super useful albeit a bit on the expensive side.

I may need to reach out to Microchip and see if I can snag one of these. The name is splintered so it may not even be the same company as the old Microchip.

I could see that 60 watt device being useful in a lot of industrial situations.