US-XG-6POE power supply label


I would like to order the Ubiquiti UniFi US-XG-6POE switch from US to EU, but have to know actually before, whether I can operate this device with added power supply in the EU.

Does someone of you has the US version of this switch and could share informations and type label from the bottom site of the power supply please?

with best regards

It’s listed in their EU store so I assume it works there, what exactly should it say?


i wanna know about the supported net voltage and frequency of the US-version of the US-XG-6POE‘s power supply, since both are different for USA and EU. Before purchasing from US, I wanna make sure, whether the power supply is applicable according to EU standard.

best greets.

Here is a picture of the back of the power supply

It is the same as EU version

Many thx for your help! It means the US version can be used in EU.